How To Smoke CupCakes From A Pipe

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How To Smoke CupCakes With A Pipe

As cannabis legalization continues to move forward, more and more products have come to the market around how to smoke weed. From harnessing the power of lasers to burn your buds to insane glass bongs that will blow your mind, the list is as MacGyveresque as it is endless. But, it’s hard to go past a trusty cannabis pipe to kick back and enjoy a delicious bowl. This tried and true method has been used for centuries—and for a good reason. When it comes to simplicity and ritual, using a pipe to smoke cannabis can’t be beaten.

If you’re new to Cupcakes and searching for information about pipes and how they work together, let me tell you, friend, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to explain everything you need to know to smoke cannabis CupCakes from a pipe.

Different Types of Pipes (hey, that rhymes!)

There are thousands of different pipe styles to choose from, depending on your vibe and aesthetic and where you’ll be smoking. What unites pipes is the ease of use, the amount of smoke you get (aka how heavy the hit is), and the easy clean-up when you’re done.

Let’s start from the beginning.

To Carb or Not to Carb

Cannabis pipes can be divided into two categories: carb and carb-free.

Pipes with a “carb” or small hole in the bowl (another rhyme!) are generally called “bowls” or “spoons.” They typically have a spoon-like shape, and the carb allows all the smoke to be cleared from the pipe. Carb pipes are made to hold more cannabis and are great for passing around a group of pals so everyone can enjoy a few puffs.

Chillums or “one-hitters” are terms used to describe carb-free pipes. These come in various shapes but are primarily straight tubes resembling cigarettes or have understated patterns.

With that in mind, here are a few of the most popular pipe styles:

Spoon Pipe

This is arguably the #1 classic cannabis pipe. The most popular material used to make spoon pipes is glass, although they can also be manufactured from silicone, wood, clay, ceramic, and even crystals. The simple design, small shape, and price point make them perfect for newbies. This type of pipe generally comes with a “carb”, but more on that later.

Bubbler Pipes

A bubbler falls somewhere between a dry pipe and a bong. Similar in size to a dry pipe, bubblers typically have a mouthpiece, a bowl, and occasionally a carb. The inclusion of water means bubblers offer a smoother hit that is less likely to cause you to cough the way a dry pipe can.

Gandalf Pipe

This style is perfect for you if you’re into Hobbitcore and weed. Although things may get a little awkward if you scream, “you shall not pass”, when you’re in company. Just something to think about.

Chillum or One-Hitter

These little guys are small, discreet pipes perfect for on-the-go smokers or quick solo sessions.

Sherlock Pipe

These old-school pipes have had a bit of a resurgence of late and give off strong greatest-detective-in-literary-history vibes.

The Anatomy of a Pipe

Most pipes are made up of three parts:

  1. The mouthpiece: As the name suggests, this is where you put your mouth)
  2. The chamber: The space where the smoke travels between the bowl and the mouthpiece
  3. The bowl: The all-important receptacle of your cannabis flower
  4. The carb hole: A hole on the side of the bowl that allows you to “clear” the pipe of every last bit of smoke.

What You Need to Smoke CupCakes from a Pipe

To get the party started, you’ll need a lighter or some other heating source to smoke weed out of your pipe. The best lighters and heaters will enable excellent heating control. Most smokers prefer butane lighters and you can pick up a BIC lighter almost anywhere. However, the taste isn’t to everyone’s palate, and some smokers prefer to use a hemp wick to light their bowl. This is because hemp wicks, a waxy length of hemp string that ignites easily, keep an even burn and doesn’t have an unpleasant aftertaste, preserving those tantalizing terps.

You can also drop a little mesh screen into your bowl to keep any bits of ash or weed that come loose during combustion from going up the chamber into your mouth.

How to Pack the Bowl

In the olden days, people had to spend time grinding their weed to pack a bowl. Sad. Luckily, you live in a cool modern era, and fortune has brought you to the CupCakes website! That means you know about the brand-new way to smoke weed from a bowl.

Simply remove a fresh CupCake from the tin, pop it into your bowl, and light it. That’s it! No grinding weed, no dropping weed, no mess, no fuss. Just high-quality weed in a super cute CupCake form that will give you the perfect smoking experience every time.

Burn Baby, Burn

Once you’ve loaded your bowl with a fresh CupCake, bring your lighter (or hemp wick) to the bowl and inhale through the mouthpiece. If there is a carb, inhale the first half of the puff while covering the carb hole with your thumb or finger. Release your finger while taking a second hit to allow air to pass through the carb hole. Hold in your hit for a few seconds and exhale slowly. Mmmm, fresh Cupcakes are delicious, right?

The Cherry on Top

If all has gone to plan, your CupCake is now glowing red. This lil’ ball of fire is called a cherry. Short, fast inhales on the pipe will keep the cherry burning. If you’re in a group, pass it to a friend and tell them the cherry is burning. After all, waste not, want not. And sharing is caring. Plus you won’t lose so many lighters!

Keep Your Pipe Fresh and Clean

Pipes are easily cleaned by soaking in acetone or isopropyl alcohol. The best technique to get rid of bacteria and other leftovers like resin is to set the pipe in a clean zip lock baggie, pour in some isopropyl alcohol, and let the mixture soak for three minutes. Add a few pinches of Epsom salt and agitate to remove any bacteria or lingering residue. Pro tip: If you regularly clean your pipe, it’s much easier to maintain.

Smoke on, Sweet Sister

And that’s a wrap! Now you know everything you need to know about how to smoke CupCakes from a pipe. The final step is the most important: putting it into action. So as we like to say around these parts, pick up your favorite pipe, drop in a fresh cupcake, and get baked!

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