The World's First Pre-Bowl™

A ready-to-light pre-formed cannabis bowl designed to fit perfectly in your favorite smoking device. Pre-Bowls™ eliminate the mess and inconvenience of grinding and loading your own flower.

Cupcake Products

At CupCakes, we created this new product category utilizing our patented technology and form factor, creating a smoother, more convenient, and overall enhanced flower smoking experience. Every CupCake is perfectly crafted only using high-quality full-flower cannabis without any additives.

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The Cupcakes Story

The Pre-Bowls™ concept came about in 2021 when a group of creative entrepreneurs from Denver and Los Angeles discussed the lack of convenience and innovation in flower.

As the team expanded on ideas and concepts, it became obvious that there was a need for convenience and a new category; a cannabis Pre-Bowl™ that allows portability, convenience, and a better smoking experience.

Benefits & Convenience

No more waste! No dropping cannabis pieces on the floor, getting it stuck under your fingernails, or losing it to the wind. Now you can just drop, light, and go! Convenient and cute, CupCakes are the future of smoking cannabis!


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